DEMO 2010

by Unperson

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released January 1, 2010



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Unperson Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: history lesson
a line drawn in the sand.
your playground; conquered land.
with a legacy of brutish, boorish behavior
is it to much to ask for something you've never been taught?
Track Name: christians are the worst
indoctrination into a life of hate,
you'd crucify yourself for ultimate martyrdom.
I'd stone you a thousand times to kill sexist, fascistic, dogmatic thought.
christians are the worst.
Track Name: scum champion
"ruin my fun, tell me what to do
p.c. police get off my back"
crying for freedom of speech,
terrified of accountability.
always the victim. never at fault.
bulldog front with your tail between your legs.
disgusting. insecure. self-important fucks.
Track Name: endless joke
I have finally reconciled the fact that you've grown up, grown out.
After 25 years I can make my own choice and understand its ramification:
You think I'm a fucking loser.
Track Name: egomaniac
"I make the choices that are best for me."
Pillage, deplete, consume
exist in a vacuum.
The privilege of choice is obscene when we ignore what our choices mean.
Bought our way to the top of the chain and we'll do what it takes to
maintain our stake.
Track Name: fucking punx don't get it
reject the system, reject its lemmings,
reject everything and pound your chest.
the people are blinded by the dominant culture
but you just look the other way.
you are worse and you know better.
you ignore the 'enlightenment' that you wear on your sleeve.
in our world, the truth is blurred to keep us under control.
you have the lens see clear and you shut your eyes.
what's your excuse? what's wrong with you?